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We are pleased to say that travel abroad is now proceeding quite smoothly and almost back to pre-pandemic levels.This will come as a complete shock to the Media which firmly believes that all holiday and travel is by plane and have no concept at all  of the number of people who travel by foot,  coach and car!

Our own programme offers specialist  holidays for jazz fans; wildlife followers; beach addicts and wine lovers and is running hitch-free and, we may add, very rewardingly for participants as destinations which haven't seen British travellers for a couple of years are welcoming them back with open arms. Even the oceans are co-operating with loads of whale and dolphin sightings to please our travellers. So put any concerns to one side and let us take care of the work whilst you enjoy yourself. This applies especially to Minicruise passengers who just want a relaxing break though some are dedicated ocean wildlife watchers  who will benefit from the presence of Orca Guides on the sailings from Plymouth.

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Pick up points   Although most of our patrons are from the Westcountry you'll note that our specialist tours appeal to a national audience. For that reason we obviously cannot pick up all over the country and have to restrict these pick ups accordingly so that joining us will be similar to holidays which start from an airport. As ever, our policy is "no-hassle" trips and value for money. A big part of the "no-hassle" concept is that there is easy parking at Plymouth Ferryport.

Our pick up points are rather limited  because we prefer to meet travellers at the Ferryport entirely due to the fact that the roads these days are becoming more and more congested and hold ups through road accidents and road delays are the rule rather than the exception. For this reason we are always concerned that the coach will make it to the port in time. It's easier  and faster for a car to maneuvre through traffic chaos than a coach and allowing for this eventuality is making the pick ups at the extreme end of the route unacceptably earlier and affecting the Driver's hours at the wheel .Where we pick up is therefore limited and is stated under the tour details. Another reason for choosing sailings from Plymouth Ferryport is that it is less crowded than elsewhere with only one ship being able to dock at any one time so passage through the Terminal is likely to be swifter. In the case of private groups i.e. 25+ passengers, we will pick up wherever you want.    We can advise on parking, secure and paid or free, at Plymouth or Portsmouth. 

BREXIT  Your passport must have at least 6 months validity remaining on the day of your departure. Check it NOW!! Insurance is advised but not mandatory especially ensure it has Covid protection! The European Health card remains valid until your personal expiry date. A Global Health card will replace it and this is  available now if you don't have a valid EHIC. No visas are necessary to destinations we visit.

If you wish to download our 2022 brochure click here.

Spanish Minicruise

Between 2009 and 2019 we operated the Spanish Minicruise on behalf of Brittany Ferries .  In those days the attraction for many of these travellers was the opportunity to obtain tobacco and alcohol products at a very favourable price. Since Brexit , this is not a particularly persuasive reason as the amounts that can now be brought back, albeit  duty-free, are limited. However, this trip has been re-named Santander Cruiser because these days it will appeal to a wider audience who just want to get away for a short break after two years of non-foreign travel. A chance to relax and let the World go by, enjoy the sea airs, listen to live entertainment free of charge and step ashore,however briefly,in a different environment. No hassle, totally uncomplicated,leave any worries behind! Note , however , that last minute bookings are impossible at present.

Wildlife Tours

Our modest programme of tours is based solely in Northern Spain .  A Minicruise from Plymouth to Santander starts and ends the tour with an interesting variety of locations in Green Spain in between. Good company, nice hotels and good food are guaranteed! Locations and dates are chosen to accord with wildlife activity in the air and at sea at the relevant time. Our local expert Ocean Guide is on hand to assist during the sea cruise and in Spain our English-speaking  Spanish Guide takes over to ensure you miss nothing of interest!

A shorter option is our Santander Cruiser which is spread over just three days and offers a relaxing insight to ocean wildlife. On board the ship are members of the Orca Organisation who are at hand to offer advice and assistance to anyone travelling.

Wine tours

We’ve been running Wine Tours for over 40 years to France, Spain and Portugal. Mostly they are for private organisations such as firms, associations, wine societies but we have also had a public programme each year. Our aim is to provide an interesting holiday with friendly company and featuring an appreciation of wine, mental and physical! Importantly, it gives you the opportunity to bring back plenty of “samples” , a feature denied to air travellers!

Apart from the wine, we know that fine cuisine is an essential part of a wine tour and without making a song and dance about it we incorporate this aspect within all the tours.

We don’t pretend that these are intensive and educational forays into the world of wine appreciation though if you want to learn about the winemaker’s art there will be plenty of opportunity to do so as you’ll be talking to the winemakers themselves. We are always at pains to mention that these are working vineyards not theme parks and from time to time, though not very often, we may have to amend our programme in light of prevailing circumstances. 
Leading the groups will be Andy McLarin who not only studies and enjoys wine but advises local chefs. These are above all, holidays, with a special interest in wine. They’re not stuffy and we always attract agreeable clients – you’ll enjoy it!

Travel Programme for 2022
August 28th 2022 (1 Cabin Available) Santander Cruiser
September 11th 2022 Asturias Beach Holiday
September 11th 2022 Asturias Wildlife Tour
September 25th 2022 Santander Cruiser
October 2nd 2022 Rioja Wine Tour
October 9th 2022 Santander Cruiser
October 23rd 2022 Santander Cruiser
October 27th 2022 Jazz in Concarneau